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SAMRAT ASHOK GREAT is symbol of super human being he is a symbol of great king with golden heart, he is a symbol of Protector of human kind and a great Preacher of Buddhism in the world. He sar………his kingdom , wealth and familiar to Propagate teaching of Buddhism in the country and in the world. He understood importance of Buddhism in relation to human welfare and made aim of his life to learned teaching of Lord Buddha written by Arhat Upaliji in the name “ Vinay Pitak “ and to Propagate it, Served human kind irrespective of caste, cried and gender.
He was shocked and surprised by seeing women and children services of the battle of kalinga , who were crying bitter by, this become turning point in his life , he adapted Buddhism and followed it till his last breath. He learned meditation by following meditation he achieved his self- actualization , He become highly spiritual living person in the world in 3rd BC. He used to take born with people of other planet (as per available information on net) ‘alien’ . He established relation with people of other planet. Buddhist stup is the symbol of Alien space ship it also indicated that relation of people of this planet was smooth working and had taking term with them. He identified and decoded their language similar script was also found on Ashok shoal lakh. After his declined we are ignorant of Alien and People from other planet. After Ashok the great no scientist on this planet decoded their language.
Samrat Ashok the great was aware of pain any pleasure of learn kind he also understood pain and pleasure of other creature of the nature. He made rules and regulations to treat each human being with courtesy he also provided condusive enavironment for each creature on this earth , Therefore he was appreciated world wide and he was called great king of the world. He become world personality.
Once again world is facing tremendous human crisis in the world , everywhere People are suffering due to in human all of greedy and lusty people in the world. Poor People , helpless people women and children are subsisted brutal torture Just for the sake of personal benefit by need person business men on the ruler Number of orphanages , migrant helpless people are increasing day by day . In this situation we remember teaching of Buddhism and works of samrat Ashok great.
This is in Buddhism and trials and sacrifices’ of Samrat Ashok great for the sake of human dignity and Property. Samrat Ashok Vinay singh was established in 2004 to propagate teaching of Buddhism, Ashoka rules and history of Ashoka dynasty. We hope we will do a little in this direction by launching website and SAVS news , and also hope people will be benefitting from this efforts.
Namo Buddha !    Jai Ashoka !    Jain Bleen!    Karpuri Thakur
   Satyendra Kr. Thakur

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